Frequently Asked questions - 2018/02/01

Does fb-geek Facebook hacking really work?

Our Facebook account hacking service is real and used by hundreds of people every week. We are not a scam site. We are the only legitimate Facebook hacking service open to the public.
For the past 5 years we have been in service, we offer only quality professional services that we always seek to improve every now and then.
Our hacking panel guarantees you total anonymity by protecting your IP address through different means such as VPNs and proxies.

How much does it cost me to use fb-geek Facebook hacker?

No it does not cost anything! Our service is completely free. We only ask you to invite five different people to our site and that is all. After that, you can save the password used by the target person which we get from the Facebook server. And since we hack directly from the Facebook server, the target will not be aware of the process.

Is hacking Facebook through fb-geek discreet? – will Facebook know that I’m hacking an account?

Yes it is! You don't have to worry about getting caught. Our system does everything for you. You just have to connect to our site and invite five people to unblock the service, click on "Hack Facebook account", type in the name of your target and click on "Hack this account". If the account was successfully hacked, an "Engistre mot de pass" button will appear, click it to retrieve the password of your target.

Can I hack a Facebook account without an email address?

You can use our system without knowing the email address linked to the Facebook account. You just need to find the Facebook ID or the user name of the target. Our system will then hack the account and retrieve the password for you.
At the end of the process, our system will give you the login details for that account. In other words, once the Facebook account has been hacked, you will know the email address linked to the account, as well as the password. You can then use this to connect as the original user of the account without any problem.

Will the person know that I'm connected to their Facebook account?

In some cases it is possible. For example, if you connect to two different PCs at the same time, or if your PC or smartphone remains connected, log in to the account and then log out, you are at risk of being caught. But don't worry! We are right here to help you
We can connect to the Facebook server and then disable the Security wall of the account you want to hack. No notification on a different connection stream will be sent to the email address of the person concerned. He or she will not even realize that their account has been hacked!
In short, you can connect to the Facebook account at the same time as the owner of the account without a problem. Use our contact page to contact us when this situation arises.

How does the system of hacking a Facebook account work?

Our system just needs to know the account you want to hack. On our site, go to "Panel de Piratage", read the instructions, and type the user name of the target. Once you have provided the necessary information, our hacking system will connect to the appropriate servers that are currently managing this account.
That is, if you want to hack into a Facebook account, you must provide the email address related to that account (the user name of that account). Our hacking system will then connect to the Facebook servers to locate the account in question. Then our system will recover the password stored in the user database for you. We just get the password back, we don't change it.
The process of piracy is complex and we do not want to bore you with all the details. But after a few minutes, our system retrieves the password from the database and decrypts it. The "Pirater le mot de passe" button then appears, and by clicking on it, you get a readable password. Once you have the decrypted password, you can log in to the hacked account without a problem.

How do you hack the Facebook accounts?

We have two former developers who have been involved in maintaining the servers of the Facebook database and have built on this Facebook hacking system on the Internet. The method is top secret! But we are willing to share it against a reasonable price. If you want to acquire our hacking technology and create a similar website to provide the same service, you can contact us on the website.






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