The Alarming Methods Hackers Use in Stealing Facebook Account Passwords

stealing facebook account
By | 16 October 2017

The challenge of having a social media user’s account hacked is not the problem but what happens after it is hacked. Stealing Facebook account has become a weapon of cyber theft, broadcasting malware, spam and dangerous contents to the contact lists on the accounts. It is embarrassing seeing your private information lay bare after suffering a hack. Some people broke relationships , can commit suicide and lose money in some worse situations. Hacking of Facebook accounts happens every day.

Security issues have been one of the issues that Facebook is always facing, though it has a high-security measure to handle hackers taking over its platform. The number of people on Facebook is huge, and that is the problem. Cybercrime is high because most users are not away of the methods that hackers use in stealing their accounts. A lot of people, who are scared of seeing their secrets leaked on social media like Facebook because of hackers, often do not come near the social media platform.

You have nothing to worry if you are a Facebook user because we have listed some of the ways these hackers use in stealing passwords.

The Use of PHISHING for stealing Facebook account

A phishing attack is one of the ways hackers can get to a Facebook account. Many accounts have been hacked through phishing attacks over the years. The method doesn’t require a lot of skills. All a hacker requires is the basics of the attack, and the rest becomes regret to the victims. The phishing pages are not real even though they look almost exactly like the authentic Facebook page. The appearance and trustworthy design of the phishing page can be confusing, leaving people vulnerable when they mistakenly use it.

Phishing is simply a process by which a hacker creates a carbon copy of a site’s page to lure people leave their personal information like passwords or credit card details behind.


The social engineering method is another popular method of hacking a Facebook account. This method may not be considered as a major hacking process because a hacker doesn’t need much experience to hack an account. The method is a means of collecting information about a target like a phone number, date of birth, friends mobile numbers, local places, parents names, nicknames, etc.


Many Facebook users have suffered untold losses due to plain password grabbing. This is because only a few users are aware of this method. Traditional criminals make use of this method to steal people’s accounts. The hacker may use a website that will have data on their targets. The sensitive information is saved to a database, and the Facebook accounts are easily attacked with success.

Many users make use of similar passwords for their accounts, and it is easy for any hacker to get hold of these passwords with a site The next method that hackers use is building a website that a target can visit. If you end up signing up for these malicious websites, you are going to freely give up your sensitive details.


Have you heard about keylogger? This is software  monitor and record your keystrokes. It works in any device for stealing Facebook account. The software works behind the scene except for the trial versions. Users are not able to see it work against them on their devices or systems. The software successfully records every key you press and sends a log to the hackers. It is meticulous in recording the user’s activities on a device or system. A hacker can get your password and users name including sensitive details like your credit card or bank username. This is much more than stealing Facebook account.

Danger looms when you use another person’s system in logging in your social media details. There is a possibility that the person has the key logging software that will end up stealing every precious thing you hold on your Facebook.

Today, people are making use of the version of the key loggers to track their victims. You can see how dangerous this software can be when someone uses it against you.


This method will not give the hacker the full access to a Facebook account. However, the method will offer the hacker an opportunity to manage your account without you knowing. There are many Firefox and Google Chrome add-ons that are provided to gather information from your activities on the internet. These add-ons are hidden and work behind the screen to record everything you must have done like your visit to Facebook.

You may install an add-on when you visit a particular malicious site. When you do this, the hackers are already monitoring you. Facebook hackers have learnt how to create these add-ons to their advantage.

Some of the actions that these add-ons execute may include following you on Facebook, inviting your friends to like their pages, posting on your timeline and liking a page for you. Unfortunately, you are not aware of these activities until it is too late. You can beat these hackers by always reviewing your activity logs on Facebook.


You should be aware that every app on Facebook is coming from a third party. Facebook is not in-charge of those apps that you may believe are some of the features of the platform. Though, there are exemptions to the list currently like Whatsapp and Instagram. A hacker’s app may ask that you approve a lot of things on your Facebook account. When you end up opening pages or obeying the rules from such apps, you have given hackers the opportunity to ruin you.

It is important that you are careful of what you allow on your profile if you are making use of some Facebook apps. We are sure of Instagram and Whatsapp as Facebook apps, but this doesn’t mean that every app on Facebook is for hacking. There are great apps that will surely make life better for you on that platform. But be careful, some apps can try to hack you stealing Facebook account.

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