The Simple Ways Hackers Can Break Into Your Facebook Account

hacking facebook account
By | 16 October 2017

hacking facebook account

The social media platform, Facebook is one the platforms that have millions of people’s private information. What this means is that the platform must have invested so much insecurity to protect its users and itself from hackers, who may want to play pranks with people’s data. Facebook may not be able to do much when it comes to hacking a single user’s account. Most attacks are not directly linked to the platform, which is the reason hackers always have the field day in dealing with innocent users who lose their accounts to these hackers.

This article will educate you on how to avoid someone intents hacking Facbook account.  It is a daunting experience to lose personal information to strangers. There are private pictures and documents that are kept private on the platform, including messages that are intimate. Hackers go for this private stuff to destroy owners, and this is the reason why you should be careful of your Facebook account password.

These are the ways hackers can hack into your account;


How does phishing work? Phishing attack has become one of the popular ways of hacking into Facebook accounts. This is the method of trying to steal a username and password legitimately. There are different ways to achieve Phishing. A hacker may professionally send out a seemingly innocent email to thousands of people. The purpose of this email is to alert people to change their passwords because there were attempts to breach those accounts.

The problem begins when you fall victim of this scam and click on the link provided. The link will quickly direct you to another page which is a replica of Facebook. Everything about this Facebook looks real, but it is fake. Immediately you change your password; the hacker will have access and he is actually hacking Facebook account property.

The legendary ‘Nigerian Prince’ has become a laughing stock phishing method in the world today. There are only a few persons who didn’t receive emails from this mysterious guy, asking for credit card information to help them help rescue the Prince from the problem. The promise is a handsome reward that most greedy persons may never resist.

The Facebook phishing attack may not for your account only, but your email address. Once, you change your email address account the same plight will fall on your email. You will lose control of that email address.

How to protect from the attack

How do you protect yourself from this attack? The first thing you need to do is to check who sent the email. There are different domains that hackers use in sending these emails.

However, emails that come from Facebook and legitimate may be in this format . Any email that has nothing to do with Facebook should not be taken seriously. One way of checking the emails from hackers is by checking the email addresses on Google. When you search a fake Facebook email, it will tell you that it is a scam or fake. Facebook official email address is recognized by any search engine.

Email Hacking Attack

You should learn how to keep your email address away from the public. If you publicly displayed your email in your Facebook profile, you should make it private or at best, delete it immediately. The easiest way you can get hackers’ attention is by leaving your email address in your profile. To login to any application, almost everybody uses the email address. So when you provide the hackers with an opportunity with your email address, half of their work is done.

You should ensure that your email is safe and far from everyone. Another way of getting your details is from your friends’ list. It is not possible that you are friends with all the people you have as contact in your account. You should remove your main email address from the Facebook and ensure that you have no dealing publicly with your email on Facebook.

It is simple or hackers to brute force into any account either Facebook account or email when they have your username.

Go to the Facebook account and move to the setting. When you click on the setting, enable notifications about any login from an unknown device into your account. This is going to be of immense help to you in tracking your account.

The Use of Key Loggers for hacking facebook account

This is a painful attack because it is carried out by people you are familiar with. The key logger is one of those programs that run in the background of a laptop or PC and tracks you’re every click or key you make use of. The way to check this is by learning the shortcut that is used in bringing them in front. Once, a person gets this key logger; your system will always send to the person everything you must have done on your system. The person can access your private information that will lead to your Facebook hacking.

The key logger requires that you install software. If you don’t fall a victim of installing the

Software, maybe a person you are familiar with will do it for you. There are also key loggers on the mobile devices. What this means is that no device is safe. You should be careful of logging into your account from another person’s phone. If the person has a key logger, the software will deliver your private information to the person. This is the reason why you should not try using a stranger or close friend’s device in logging into any of your accounts.

In conclusion

Giving out your phone to others may not be to your advantage too because the person may steal your private information. Hacking Facebook account occurs always, and the experience is not something to narrate especially if you have a lot to lose from that attack. With these few tips, you should be able to save your Facebook Account from hackers. Finally, do not use easy passwords that anyone can get. A lot of people make use of their birthdays in creating their accounts; it is easy for anyone to get it from your birthday history.

As you can see, hacking Facebook account is easy and anyone can do it. Protect your account with this tricks.

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