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By | 16 October 2017

Even when Facebook is arguably one of the most secure social media platforms on earth, it is possible for a hacker to hack Facebook account. A computer programmer has exposed the ways that a hacker can move past these security measures on Facebook.

Anand Prakash, an Indian white hat hacker has revealed that he used a brute force attack to gain access to many Facebook accounts. The weakness from the social media platform is what Prakash used in hacking into people’s accounts, read their messages and post things on the platform. Interestingly, Facebook was able to stop Prakash from hacking into people’s account within two days.

How Prakash Succeed

Facebook has a means of helping people who forgot their passwords. The users are asked their email address, phone number or username. The platform sends a code that contains six digits through email or text message. To ensure that the account owner is the right person, the platform allows the user to enter codes for a many of times. The confirmation code can be blocked by Facebook as part of its brute force protection.

Facebook did not implement this brute force protection according to Prakash in the process of password reset on beta websites. Facebook didn’t put limits on the number of times on the user who is still trying to get the right code. This is the reason why Prakash could hack Facebook account of any user.

Facebook Rewarded Prakash

Prakash didn’t take advantage of the platform vulnerability, but he made a report to Facebook. Facebook had to fix the vulnerability and rewarded Prakash with the sum of $15,000 for revealing its weakness.

Though Facebook has fixed the vulnerability, there are still ways a hacker can break into the single user’s account. We can tell you that Facebook is much secured and, always update the security features on its platform to protect the accounts of its millions of users. There are ways a Facebook account can be hacked, and we have listed some of these methods:

Key Logger to Hack Facebook Account

One of the simplest and effective methods of hacking into an account is through Key logger. There is no need of  technical skills to make use of it to steal a Facebook password. If you have a general knowledge installing software you can take advantage of this malware software. If you have access to a system or device, you can download this software to it and hack a system.

The key logger record what a user does with the keyboard, and record every detail of activities on a system or device. This software is mostly used for hacking than monitoring a user. Key logger can be in the form of software or hardware to hack a system. For this key logger to work, it has to be installed on a laptop or computer. When the installation is complete, it runs automatically and will record everything that a user is doing on a keyboard.

How Keylogger works

Keylogger software is not visible but only runs behind. It is only users who are not aware of this software that may allow it run and destroy him. The challenge of a hacker is making an user installs this software on a target computer or laptop. If the hacker is unable to install it on a person’s system, there is another way to do that. The hacker can remotely send an email containing a link to a key logger. If you end up clicking on the link, the system will install the software very easily.

There are different key loggers you can make use of in hacking an account. One of the popular key logger software is mSpy. MSpy can work on tablets and smartphones. There is another type of key logger that you can make use of; the hardware key logger.

If you are going to make use of the hardware key logger, you need to manually install it. In addition, this key logger has Wi-Fi and internal memory. The internal memory saves all the  keystrokes that the user produces.

The hardware key logger has to be plugged into the keyboard and the computer. It comes in two forms; PS2 and USB versions. The computer makes use of the USB keyboards that allows a hacker to quickly transfer logs through email or Wi-Fi. So, Key logger is useful for get any password , not only to hack Facebook account of someone else.

The Phishing Attack

A phishing attack is another method you can use in hacking a Facebook account. This is one of the oldest methods that hackers make use of. It doesn’t matter how much you are knowledgeable about phishing. Because if you make a mistake, it is going to compromise your Facebook password.

There are various means people use phishing to attack an account. This is the reason why users should  be careful on how they use their Facebook accounts. The fake Facebook people login is one of the popular methods of hacking into people’s account. As a result, the fake Facebook page will redirect you to a different server that will steal your password and username.

Today, to steal users Facebook accounts on a smartphone , a common way is using phishing. The Smartphone users are the most unfortunate because they are unable to check the URL they are logging in properly due to the small screens.

Resetting Passwords through Mobile

Also, the mobile is one of the ways hackers can hack Facebook account of any user. Because with little information, a hacker can only tell Facebook that he forget the password. The hacker enters the mobile number of a Facebook user . The rest is history because Facebook is going to send an SMS for a recovery procedure.

So, these are some of the ways that hackers are breaking into people’s accounts and stealing private information. It can be a big problem to suffer a blackmail or to see private messages out in public. Facebook messenger has more secrets than Facebook because of the private chats that go on every day. If users lose this special platform that is protecting their secrets, it could feel like hell. In conclusion, this is the reason why everyone should be careful of how to make use of his or her Facebook accounts.

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