10 Methods Hackers Use To Hack Your Account

hack account
By | 16 October 2017

Hack account

Everybody knows  that Facebook has become the world’s biggest social media platform. In addition,  Facebook has become a major part of businesses and individual lives. The fun time makes people share on the platform in the form of words, moments, photos and videos. The good thing is that Facebook has become a community where we can mingle and make our lives better. Though Facebook has strict rules that guide its user privacy and data collection, it has not stopped hackers from breaking into single users accounts. You should not neglect to learn how these hackers work if you must keep your Facebook account safe.

Here are ten methods that hackers operate:

Key Logging

The keylogger software is an easy way to hack into a Facebook account. The malware software is a program that records and monitors a user’s activities. It records each key that the user enters on a device or system. There are keyloggers that will send a log of what has happened on a system to a hacker through the internet connectivity. But  it doesn’t matter if you are adept in making use of computers, you can be a victim of this hacking system. Protect you from USB  using a great security software and avoid to download the keylogger in your system. It doesn’t matter if you have deleted everything you must have done on the system. With the support of keylogger, a hacker will surely retrieve everything you want to hide from him or her.


Many Facebook user suffers the hack account by phishing attacks. This technique is for naïve hackers. The method is not a sure way of hacking a Facebook account. If the owner of the account is not aware of the attack, there is big chance that the hacker will succeed. You should be wary of any Facebook replica when you want to log in. Check porperly the URL of the page you want to login  before use it.

Session Hijacking

When you log in to your Facebook account, the browser opens a session. This session will end up recording the cookie files that you used in browsing, and a smart hacker can access your account with it. Always clear your browser cookie.

Saved Password

It is normal that we share login information with a browser. A password manager is one of the features of a browser. If you save the passwords, it is easier for a hacker to pick your password and hack account of any app.

Side-jacking With Firesheep

Firesheep can hack an account, because is a program that supports side jacking. Firesheep works when the device connects to a network that you share. This process is similar like the session hacking, but the difference is it operates when the network connects to Wi-Fi. You should avoid connecting your Facebook to a public network.


Most people are aware of spooking when it comes to Facebook hacking. One of the popular methods of spoofing is the DNS spoofing that operates like phishing websites. The only way it can work is when you are connected with a hacker under a network. Fake page is used in replacing the original page to allow him to hack your account. The use of securely managed DNS server is what can help you escape this hacking method.

The Use of Man-in-the-Middle Attack (MIME Attack)

The MIME Attack is a complex process because the hacker will have to alter your communication and server. You may erroneously think that you are communicating with someone but the autonomous connection created by a hacker is to trick you. For this to work, the hacker ensures that he intercepts information passing through and adds new data to it. An excellent VPN service can help you avoid this type of attack.

Social Engineering

The social engineering has become a simple way that hackers use in collecting information from you and hack account of a victim . Some of the information that these people want from you include birth date, phone number and security question. When the hacker gets the information from you, it is very easy to change your password. What this means is that you should stay away from suspicious sites.

Use Botnets to hack account of someone

A network of devices or computers that are controlled from a distance is a botnet. The botnet is infected with malware or spyware. This type of hacking is not popular because it is an expensive type of hacking. Spy Eye and Zeus are some popular types of botnets that you can see around. You can prevent this hacking from happening by keeping an activated firewall always.

Hacking Email ID

Hacking of an email identity is what naïve hacker’s start with. The easiest way of achieving this is by getting access to an email address. The hacker will simply reset the password without having a challenge. For you to stop this from happening, you should go for the 2-step verification process of your email especially the Gmail to ensure that your Facebook account is secured. Another way of staying one step ahead of a hacker is by making use of a complicated and strong password. You should avoid sharing information on any unscrupulous websites with your email address.

Today, Facebook has changed the way we meet new friends. We don’t need to move out of our homes before we can tell friends what has happened in our lives. Updating our day-to-day experience is simply done with Facebook.

However, we should be careful of hackers by making sure that our social media is secured. With these above tips, it is easy to stay away from hackers. Every mistake we make on the social media exposing our private information can be the link hackers may use in tracking us down. It is not everyone on the social media that are our sincere friends. So, be careful of who share your private information. Once in a while, we should change our passwords and also remove cookies from our systems. Cookies can be another weakness on our path in giving hackers the opportunity they need to hack our social media accounts.

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