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There are more than a billion Facebook accounts worldwide and every day thousands of them get hacked. Have you ever wondered how hacking Facebook is possible and how some people have managed to manipulate and bypass the multitude of security features installed by Facebook and to be able to hack and access someone else’s profile? Maybe even you have been victim to this and that is why you are seeking answers. It’s simply because the best known social networking platform also has its security vulnerabilities which can be exploited by anyone with the proper tools. You can be that person!


Facebook Hacker is an internet application used to break down the security wall of the Facebook software to be able to hack and access someone else’s profile. It does not require any download or installation and what you need is the profile URL/ID of the targeted person and then a simple click on “Start here to Start”. We have managed to maintain an impressive success rate by being anonymous since our application is undetectable. So those who are concerned about secrecy, we are in your best interest.

We receive hundreds of requests per day and we want you to benefit immensely from the service we offer. Our fb-geek.com services are reliable unlike other services that offer long and tasking measures, ours takes a short amount of time to hack into a Facebook account and it’s really simple to use.

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There are many reasons why people would want to hack into Facebook profiles. In most cases it would be to discover or investigate something. For instance, it is common for parents to want to hack their children’s profiles basically to keep an eye on them by monitoring their actions on social media, locating where they are or go, and mostly safety against internet bullies. Other reasons may be spouses spying on each other’s Facebook account in order to follow upon their affairs. For example, a wife hacking into her husband’s account to check if he is being a trustworthy and faithful husband. Others want to hack their ex’s profile to follow up on what they are doing. Whatever you need for whatever reason, Facebook Hacker is not here to judge you, but help you.


Did you know that you could hack a Facebook account in just one or two minutes? Yes it’s possible but it comes at a huge price. If you want a service such as this one, you will painfully have to pay more than $2,000. And the most surprising thing is that people are swindled of this huge amount. For companies that want to dig up any information about their competitors, would easily pay as $2,000 may be cheap to them, but not to every other person willing to save that amount of funds on other productivity. Understanding that people have many and various reasons to hack Facebook, we are determined to provide our service regardless of why you would like to use it and most importantly, for free.

Made up of competent computer programmers, our team of anonymous hackers offers its services to anyone who wants to hack into the social platform. Whether you want to hack into personal information or unmask an unfaithful spouse, our technique ensures that you do not run into any danger. Even better, the person who owns the account will not know that you are accessing his or her account unless you change something and end up exposing your own self.

OUR TEAM – Who are involved in Facebook Hacker?

We are a professional group of programmers, who believe that knowledge deserves to be made available to everyone. With the help of many security and software experts within our team, we want to help people understand and get the control they are looking for. We are fully dedicated to those who use our service, which is why we maintain an excellent reputation and receive fantastic feedback from the people who used our services.


We associate our positive reputation with the guarantee of excellent services to our esteemed customers. You can learn more about us by reading the services we offer and the vision we have as a company. We don't think you should spend $2,000 for a service you can get for free and in a very short amount of time for that matter. In other words, we are always up to task in technological advance on Facebook by exploiting the flaws before they are corrected and finding new ways to solve new challenges. As a result, we are one of the few companies of this kind whose services are kept up to date.

Our dedicated team of professionals is always working tirelessly to constantly have security vulnerabilities that we can exploit. For this reason we have achieved an astonishing success rate of 98% without any problems associated with our service. Let us help you hack Facebook passwords and find out just how simple the process can be. You will be amazed at the speed and effectiveness of the program. We know that you are looking for the most secure way to hack Facebook.

Not only the secure way but also simplified, direct and effective. That is where we come in. Whether it's your boyfriend, your girlfriend, a child, or even getting back at your competition, we can provide you with services that will make it easy to hack Facebook. With a single click, you can start cracking into a FB account and find the password information you want.

HOW DOES HACKING FACEBOOK WORK? – The effective explanation

The application we have designed to work online is quite complex and to explain the programming would require a lot of text and time. Rather than spend months and years learning the details, why not use our method and find out?
By exploring the databases and determining the password information through the embedded descriptors, we can find the raw encrypted version of the password and decrypt it. Depending on the strength of the password, the decryption can take from a few minutes to a few hours. The easier the password, the sooner you can get full access to their information.


Cracking a Facebook account password is not harmful. Yes, invading someone’s privacy is wrong but in other circumstances it is not harmful. It can even be fun. You will find out what your friends, girlfriends, buddies, family members, rivals and enemies are plotting or telling about you. You will find out if your baby is loyal or if he is cheating on you. Conversations on Facebook are a great way to know the reality of a relationship in many ways.

OUR PROMISE – Disclaimer

Now the disclaimer is that we do not guarantee a successful account hacking, because FB has different servers with different configurations and security strategies, but, given that we are totally free to use them, there is no harm in trying. We have a success rate of about 85% through the Kali Linux strategy. However, if that did not work, we will provide you with other effective hacking tools from Facebook. Don't worry, there will be no trace of you and our tools are totally secure.


Our services are totally free; all you have to do is invite 5 different people. After inviting 5 people to our site, you will be able to save the password, i.e. the original password currently used by the target person. We retrieve this password from the Facebook server and we do not change the password. And since we hack it on the Facebook servers, the target does not know the hacking process so you are safe.


We have come to terms to believe everybody has their own reasons to want to hack Facebook. If you are curious and insecure about something, it’s always in the nature of humans as a survival tactic, to be informed. Hacking Facebook accounts are one of those things we all require to quench our curiosity.

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